Michele L. Marra, CPA - Providing tax/accounting services to small cos. & individuals
Purpose of Business Statement for
Michele L. Marra, CPA

Michele L. Marra, CPA is a sole proprietorship set up to work with individuals and businesses that desire and/or require someone with the appropriate level of expertise to take care of their specific tax, accounting and financial needs.

Michele L. Marra, CPA is uniquely qualified to fulfill these services successfully for her clients because she is extremely knowledgeable in tax, accounting and financial topics.  With over thirty years of experience in the private sector and public sector, as well as working with individual clients, she has a depth of knowledge and expertise to address topics and do the research where necessary.   She is intelligent, hard working, accurate, driven and organized.  She works very closely with her clients and tries to be sure her clients understand the work she is doing for them.  It is important to her that they understand their financial matters clearly.  She is a CPA and yet, has very reasonable fees.  She believes in charging a fair price for her time and expertise.